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« Vita brevis–Ars longa

Beginning without end.
Nothing comes out of nothing – nothing fades to nothing. Enduring metaphors.
Transcending ideas. The need for expansion.
Putting ideas into a form.

Beauty as the opposite of monotony. What are figures about?
Mirror of being. Reflection of man – image of nature.
Esthetics in everything organic.
Genuine beauty of nature.
Force of proportion and harmony.
Ideal forms.

Rise and fall.
Stirred by the inner impulse.
Processes of wrestling for the right form. Striving for perfection.
Silence for days on end. Transcending space and time.
Solitude of the creator. Days and nights
are too short for me. The power of the subconscious.
Nothing insignificant. Strong will– lasting will.

The goal of happenstance. This cheerful depth.
The one who gets closer to his goal begins to dance.
Tortured by happiness. To be recognized as a creator in the completion.
Imprints of life and love. A bond with Fortune.
One who wishes, creates, fulfills.
Complexity of the creative process

Outgrowths of life. Cradle of my suffering and joy.
Never tiring of searching, creating, discovering.
I want to, because I can do what I have to.
New creations. Every new beginning is difficult. »

– Urs Burki


 About the artist’s sculptural work


Urs Burki created his first sculpture out of tuff back in the 1970s. He went on to work predominantly with bronze until a few years ago. In his last few years, he created a number of works out of plastic and, in 2016, he completed his monumental sculpture “Gaia”. The artist dealt primarily with the following topics in his artwork: Greek mythology, symbolism, eroticism, aesthetics, the female form.