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Surgical performances


Urs Burki viewed aesthetic surgery as applied art. In the 1990s and 2000s, the artist performed pioneering “open-air” operations, which were artistic and performative in nature. He did this alongside his painting, photography and sculpting…

The publication “Urs Burki M.D., Openair and Inhome Operations” (Books) provides a comprehensive insight into the surgical performances by Dr Urs Burki. Further information about aesthetic surgeon Dr Urs Burki’s surgical work is available on the website

Statements of patients operated by Dr. med. Urs Burki in the open air, provide an interesting insight into their motivation for this kind of surgical event. (Read)

The following video sequences were generated from films commissioned by Dr. Urs Burki for the scientific documentation of the open-air and in-home operations carried out by him.