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« Flowing realities. Only an excerpt. Opening and expanding worlds. Mysterious determination of an encounter. The beauty of
the involuntary.
Time and timelessness. Play the soul, game of feelings.
Revelation of the hidden, the mysterious. Time, a rind over the times.

Time-period processes. Artificial light–art of light. Mirror effects.
Transforming realities. Recording reality. Spontaneous performances.
Full of surprises. Happy and profound things. Coincidence as a secret creator.
Granting eternity to the moment. But stay!

Nude photography always. You, muse of my inspiration!
You lovely beauty. The painless arrows of Eros.
Togetherness that unites. Guarantee of chastity.
Unconcealed beauty. Excessive sensuality.
Ritual and sensual game. Her enchanting youth. Her life–an epos.
She comes, plays and goes. Farewell to the moment.
Parting from you!

Eternal renewal of the moment. Myth and magic of the memory.
Mind games. Dream worlds.
Night without end.
Sleeping at midday like Pan. Nihil semper floret. »

– Urs Burki

About the artist’s photographic work

Urs Burki was a passionate photographer — his camera accompanied him everywhere he went, all around the world. The photography was often an end in itself, but also frequently served as inspiration for his sculptures and paintings. He was fascinated by the distinctive and extremely spontaneous, unique nature of Polaroid photography.

The happenings (mainly during the 1970s) were a creative game in which the photograph gave participants the freedom to be part of the scene.

Urs Burki‘s main interest in photography is telling stories and showing flows of movement, similar to a film clip. A great many foto-series realised by the artist during more than 30 years, permit the spectator to enter into his rich „fantasy-world“.